Gold Retirement Plan

Gold fRetirement Plan

A Gold IRA as Your Retirement Plan?

A Gold IRA can reduce the volatility of your retirement portfolio. Historically, gold has moved counter to the direction of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Gold IRA Growth Since 2001 (example):

Gold IRA Example

Regardless of your traditional investment preferences, a tangible asset like gold can help make the profitability and safety of your retirement portfolio far more attainable.

Including gold within an existing retirement account could improve investment performance by either increasing returns without increasing risk, or by reducing risk without adversely affecting returns.

The performance data above represents the growth investors have seen by placing physical gold in a precious metal backed retirement account (a Gold IRA) since 2001.

If you had purchased $33,000 of gold in 2001, you could sell that gold today for around $129,551.12 Thats over 300% return on investment! Has your current retirement account performed as well as a Gold IRA would have?

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